September 4, 2013


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Thanks for adding me to the Free Friday Access list!

Thank you! Looking forward to it!

This is the first time in 7 years that we are unable to attend due to medical reasons. Thank you for allowing us to watch on the last Friday.

What a blessing!! I have been to the last 8 NQC and is physcially unable to attend this year! Great to
know that I can watch it via my computor!!!

Sure hope the Friday access will include the Regional Artist Showcase so I can see my favorite – MARK209.
Thanks so much!!

Looking forward to the friday access

Will we get the special Sunday Night service on the Webcast this year? How about the showcases?

Thank you for doing this!!

Leave it on Facebook for me or my E-mail:

It would be best to Email me at the above address so I could bring it up. If not, then on facebook, I can bring up NQC. I do not know of anything else.

Thank you for the free access.

Thank you. I will enjoy this immeasurably.

Do you have to watch it live or can you watch it at a later time?

Look forward to the Friday program

anxious to watch the Kingdomaires.

will this be all day, or certain hours?

I would love to have the blessing of being at the NQC to see and hear all the wonderful music and testimonies and feast on the testimonies from the groups. Thank you for those that receive the access.

So sorry, we cannot attend, but it is due to health reason, and it really is hurting us not to be there and share all the wonderful things that happens. Thanks for the memories we have shared in the past.

Hi, Friends! I palyed last Year, in a Regional Showcase, and wanted to do it again, this Year. Sorry to say, I did a stomach surgery 4 months ago, and I am not 100% yet, so I must stay at home. But next Year I will come, and sing&play in a Showcase. Cathy know my, and Sandy and Clark…+ many artists. God Bless You!! //Stig Sjoberg, from Sweden

Can’t wait! Thanks!

Is this for free tickets to get in on Friday. If so I need 2.

Thank you for the free Friday access!!!

Thanks for the great music in Louisville all these years. I didn’t miss a one. Hate to see you go.

Thank You!!! Love to hear you guys sing! I just downloaded an old cd of yours when David and Eric were with you. I am new to Windows 8, and it was a real challenge moving it around in the computer until I could finally make a copy of it to play in my car!!

I have always wanted to attend and never had the opportunity…now I will feel like I am there…this is awesome…I so miss Gospel Music…all you hear in Churches these days is Praise Bands usually by really young folks and that’s OK sometimes…because I like some of that too….you just can’t beat Gospel Music…my favorite groups the Crabb Family and The Sisters (the Ruppes).

Blessings to all

Looking Forward to some great singing.

Thank you! This will be awesome.

Thank you. Cannot attend this year, but am coming in 2014.


We will be coming in on Wednesday. Couldn’t miss the last one in Louisville.
Have only missed one and that’s because i was in the hospital with a heart attack.

Looking forward to it.

Wish we could be there in person. Have many friends from many states. Have attended twice. . Live in California. Many miles away. Can not fly.

Thank you very much!

Thank you soo much I always recieve a wonderful blessing during the conventions.

Really looking forward to this. Hope to be with you next year in Pigen Forge


Thank you so much. My husband my mother in law and I come to the convention every year on Fri. Money is too tight this year. I am very disappointed that this is the last year in Louisville.. this is our home town and will miss it so much.

So looking forward to it . thank you God bless.

Can’t Wait for this I’M sitting on Ready THX Yall

I look so forward to getting to watch the NQC on Friday night. My vision is very poor and I’m unable to travel much any more.

Thank you for making this available to people like me!

My wife and I were able to attend a few years ago. We had a wonderful time!

Thank you for the chance to watch this live.

Thanks for the opportunity to watch NQC
Gospel Music, best music in the world

Thanks so much making this available since we were not able to come this year due to illness.

Love you all
Karen Ayers

I have always wanted to attend. Thank you for making it possible.

Looking forward to NQC 2013!! So excited also, that 2014 will be in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee!!

Waiting anxiously to see the Friday nights performances…thanks so much for the opportunity

We have attended for years and are so sad to know this is your last year in Louisville. We look forward to this every year. God bless everyone.

if i was to win i would give this to my sister judy so she can go and enjoy her self

Thanks SO much!! I can hardly wait!! I will probably sign up for more as well! I wish I could be there live!!
God Bless!!

Thank you so much for doing this. I would LOVE to attend but it is too far away and on a limited income, it is impossible.

hey we love southern gospel music. we have always wanted to go to the national quartet convention we wont be able to this year around. my son is in the highschool band and plays the trumpet. he travels with the band to football games and they have compettions. and i am the chaperone for them. my husband has to drive following. us. so we hope to see this on here or something so we can hear the groups. thanks. jennifer leighton

i am so excited for next week. this is perfect for people that can not make it to NQC. Next year will be even better. i live in sevierville, tn. i can have my cake and eat it too. go to NQC and sleep in my own bed

thanks guys for giving this opportunity to enjoy this magnificent week in SOUTHERN GOSPEL MUSIC.

donna kenchel

nice of you thanks I will be leaving Ontario Canada on Sunday to spend the whole week with you so thanks for Friday free Please email me early ok thanks

This is so exciting, I can not attend this year since my husband is doing chemo. I am a permanent seat holder . I would love to do the whole week but since I am loosing my money for this years tickets and have already paid for next years I just don’t have the money with having to drive three hours for my husbands chemo. Wish I had it for the week but this is better than nothing. I always say NQC is the closest place to Heaven here on Earth. Thanks for offering Friday.

Thank you so much for making the Friday evening available to watch…oh how I wish I were there. But this is the next best thing! God bless you!

Can hardly wait to hear allthe wonderful groups

Thank you so much, I have never been able to attend a NQC and am looking forward to this.

In Christ;
Anna Skaggs

can hardly wait to ear all the great groups

I have loved Southern Gospel music all of my life. When I was a child my mom would buy me 33 records and I would play them over and over until I got every word to every song on the record. Miss all the old time singers like Vestal, Rusty and Howard Goodman, Kenny Hinson, Dottie Rambo and all of the other old timers that have made it to the promised land. I hope that I will get to hear them sing in heavenly choir as their voices lift up the name of the most high God. I have had a life long dream to one day go to the NQC but I have not made it as yet as we cannot afford to go but one day I hope to have the resources to meet some of the new gospel singers.

Looking forward to great gospel music!!! Sure wish I could come…

Looking forward to seeing & hearing the concert

What is the minimum recommended internet speed for receiving the programming?

I can’t wait to watch NQC live Friday Night it is such a wonderful place to be in person I have been there and I loved every minute of it. I plan on being there next year. God Bless and I am so excited..

Thank you ……..We usually come but cant this year.

I just want to hear Ernie Haase & Signature Sound!

Dear natqc,
Thank you very much for giving me a chance to see the natqc 2013 webcast. I love Southern Gospel

we love southern gosple’s the best music around.we have been to the national quartet convention before it’s alot of fun and great music put it on daystatr again like last year we saved it and watch it alot.we love it we also love the singing news to.keep us on your mailing list and god bless you all! paul&brenda wooters 1221 middleneck drive salisbury ,maryland 21804 ( our home number 410-546-0946)

Please tell me if you have improved the reception. Aston year it always kept freezing. And I finally gave up trying to watch it. I was sooo disappointed after I had a group of guests that were going to watch the first concert evening with me. Hopefully it can be improved. Please advise me if it is improved. Thank you n

Thanks for the opportunity to experience the joy of the NQC. I wish it were possible for me to attend. May GOD bless each and everyone that takes a part.

What a thrill to see part of the convention since do to illness I will not be able to attend…

A couple years ago I had a paid subscription to NQC but the quality and audio wasn’t that great. This free access will give me another chance to see if my DSL upgrade since then has made any difference. Thanks, Ron Briz

Thank you for making this available to see. I can hardly wait. I hope to be there next year in person. My wife and I are wanting to move our family from California to the great state of Tennessee.

Ben and Astrea Jones and Family

P.S. For God’s Glory,
Sing it good and loud!

Can hardly wait – will get to be there Sunday night – but look forward to hearing Friday’s concerts.

I wish I could be there

Looking forward to this! Thank you very much!

Would love to see NQC — have never been able to go in person!!

I will be working that night. It will make the night go by faster. Thank you.

Thank you for this great opportunity to hear Southern Gospel music. There just isn’t enough for me here in Cali. I have attended the Great Western Fan Fest in Visalia for years, but will really enjoy – I’m sure – this great music. Thank you for making this available for FREE! God is SO good to His kids!

Thank you for this free Friday offer! Much appreciated… Greetings from Qc City :)

Good southern gospel……………can’t beta it.!!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to finally see NQC for the first time.

Have been in Louisville for last ten years but am sick this year and can ‘t go.I ‘m in Georgia.Looking forward to the webcast.

thanx and a hat tip. next best thing to being there. may God bless!

OH Thank you and thank you Jeff and Sherri for the heads up on this. We were wanting to come this year but it did not work out. Planning to be there next year for sure, going to get our tickets as soon as they go on sale. Listening this coming Friday MIGHT give me just enough to hold me over…. So we will look for Ben and Astrea Jones when we get there. lol
God Bless you all…
Robert and Dorothy

Thank you so much for letting the ones that can’t be there a chance to enjoy this!! I am looking forward to this night!!!

Would you believe Friday night is the only night we have tickets? I signed up in case anything should happen that I can’t go. Looking forward to being there!

Thank you for the opportunity to see what goes on at the NQC. We’ve never made the trip from Texas to Louisville, KY.

Thanks, Will be watching from Arizona. The kids love Karen Peck. Karen let them sing with her on New Years Eve in Tollesboro, Ky.

Have never been but will when the chance comes. I was raised on Southern Gospel and miss it. My 2 year old son will sit completely still when he hears it! Thank you again!

My wife & I attended the NQC many years in Nashville & all but the last 4 in Louisville & at times had 18 people coming with us. We love it & have seen many changes over the years some good & some not good but then again Heaven will be that much sweeter, when we get there! As we have aged & income is so much less we no longer can afford to come, so thank you very much for this free Friday!

Thank you so much, for the free webcast. I love gospel music. Thank you for the opportunity to be able to see it .

Thanks for the oppurtunity to see the NQC I listen to southern gospel all the time Looking rorward to friday nite God bless you all!

Thank you for this! I cnn’t come so this is a blessing!!!

Thank you for the free Friday access! I haven’t been able to attend the NQC lately so I am really looking forward to watching Friday. There is nothing better than good Southern Gospel music.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to see Fridays performances. we love southern gospel and will enjoy this a lot!We have went the last few years but cant go this year so we will really like this.

I have never been able to attend the quartet convention in Louisville, KT. My 80th birthday is in 2014 hopefully I will be able to attend in TN. I love Southern Gospel – there’s nothing like it. Thanks so much for allowing us to view Friday night. Looking forward to it.

Wish I could be there but this helps.

Thank you so much we have been the last two years as our anniversary present since its 9/22 this year my Mother who lives with us is too ill for us to leave her and be that far away. So at least we can experience a little bit of it hallelujah

Thank you for this free Friday offer! Love Southern Gospel Music! Much appreciated. Wish we could have been there this last year in Louisville. Will be the next best thing to being there. May God bless! Greetings

We enjoyed NQC webcast last year. What a blessing, some technical difficulties and sometimes the audio mix was not good but still was a great time in southern gospel music.

will be at nqc. Thursday through Saturday can’t wait to be a part of it.

My faverite group, Thanks for the heads up. I so wanted to be there this year but it isn’t going to happen. Love you guys. Mary

thank you for this opportunity , We have been too the convention once and loved it . hope we can go next year
nb canada

Thank you so much. I truly appreciate this.

We are too busy to get the whole week but hope to be able to watch Friday. Thank-you for offering it free.
We subscribed in the past but were unable to watch everything in the short time it was available due to a busy fall schedule..Sorry it is moving from Louiseville.

Thank you for doing this for those of us who aren’t able to attend in person. We have never got to attend Qt. Convention and we love Gospel Music. God bless you.

THANK YOU!!! I am handicapped and can no longer drive long distances. This will be my only opportunity to see and hear all of the celebration and love that our music generates. This is truly a BLESSING.

My wife and I attened the NQC in 2011, and oh what a blessing. My wife passed away shortley after we returned home.

Thank you for offering the free Friday night . We will be there on Saturday the last night. Looking forward to seeing our favorite groups

Vacationing at Myrtle Beach. It will be great to catch a part of convention. We have a lot of friends there. Thanks for the opportunity!

Thank you so much for offering this!! I have always wanted to go to the NQC, but I have never been able to, and now as a teacher, it will be even harder for me to do so. I am so excited I get to be “a part” of NQC’s audience Friday night via technology!!! This will hold me over until I can officially be a member of the audience one year!!!

Always wanted to attend nqconvention but it didn,t happen! Hope it wors out this time on Gods planning.

Thank you so much for allowing us to watch this historic event in southern gospel music

Thanks, did subscribe. Had some problems 2 yrs ago. Eventually did get to see most of it in the next few months.

Thank you for this opportunity. I hop to be there next year in TN.

Thank you so much! My mother and I have been to Louisville the past two years and enjoyed it so much. She is not able to travel such a long distance this year so this really means a lot to me. We are so happy you are moving to Pigeon Forge. We are able to go there several times a year since it is only 3 or 4 hours away. We love it, in fact that is where we will be during the NQC this year.

Thank you so much, So looking forward to this wonderful time

Thank you so much for providing the Friday Webcast of NQC to us. Have attended for many years, but will not be able to do so this year. Love that I will be able to watch a part of it this! It has always been such a blessing. Have followed your group since the Cathedrals….you’re the best! Blessings!

Thank you very much! I have always wanted to come but never have been able to.

Thank you for the free offering for Friday. We are looking forward to it.

Thank you so much. My 86 yr old grandmother and I will enjoy this from her nursing home room. She’s excited and telling everyone she’s “going” to National Quartet Convention in Louisville Friday…lol I so wanted to come this year. Hopefully I’ll make the first year in Tennessee:-)

thankyou so much guys!!

i love the gospel music!!!
from chile!! concepcion city!!!!!


rodrigo cuevas herrera.

Thank You NQC for the FREE Broadcast on Friday. What a blessing it will be to get to see our favorite Gospel group, The Isaacs. Haven’t seen them in a few years.

Thanks for making this available! God Bless!!!!

Thank you so much. Wish I could be there.

I have come to NQC for the last 15 years but now that I am old (80) and a widow I can’t drive that far and come alone. Thank you for a free night to watch. Also, I don’t get to see very many of the groups in person because they don’t come to the area where I live…………..Thanks again!!!!

Will I be able to see the Friday concert on Roku? If so what is your channel because I can’t find it on Roku?

Thank you so much for the FREE Friday. I am on Social Security Disability and do not have the funds or the health to attend this great event. The FREE Friday at least allows us to worship with other Christians in Southern Gospel Music….THANK YOU SO MUCH AND GOD BLESS YOU FOR THIS GIFT.

Been down several times to Louisville but unable to for a couple of years. Look forward to its moving to Pigeon Forge. There was never enough space for campers nearby in Louisville. One campground had us parked so close to other campers you could literally touch the campers when you opened your door. Lots of great campgrounds in Pigeon Forge.

Thank you for this free offer. Looking forward to Friday.

Thanks so much for giving us the free Friday access to the NQC this year. I believe two years ago, I was able to see the National Quartet Convention online. I really enjoyed it! Thanks so much for this offer!

Thank you so much for doing this! Looking forward to seeing this! Love Southern Gospel Music!

Looking forward to some great gospel music !! Sure wish I was there.

Thank you. I would love to attend the convention some year soon. I love the groups and the music.

glad to see you are coming to pigeon forge next year. I am just down the road in Maryville so it will be an opportunity to see you in person finally.

Thanks,and God bless the one to decide to have a free night..Looking forward to it!

Thanks for this free offer

My wife and I couldn’t make it to last years 2012 NQC because of financial reasons. We hope to get a booth for an exhibit for next year 2014 in Pigeon Forge. Thank you for offering the webcast free on September 13. We have invited several people to watch it with us with a big screen projector.

This is my kind of music and I’m going to the Parade of Pianos but unable to attend any other concerts. This will be a treat! Thanks for the offer!!

We were in conference this week Mon- Wed and wanted to see our nephew sing bass with th Kingdom Heirs. Jeff Chapman . Thank for the opportunity to do that.

Thanks for the free Friday add….will watch every moment that we can…love me some Southern Gospel Music
Thanks again for making this available to those of us who can’t attend this year…

I really wanted to sign up for this year’s webcast, but unexpected expenses arose, and I was not able to sign up. Thanks for this opportunity to be able to watch on Friday! What a way to spend a week! Blessings to you all!

Thank you so much for offering this to us. We have great tickets but are not able to come.

Thanks for Free Friday!!! I have been at NQC a few years back but havent been able to go .. This will be great being able to listen in ..

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!! I love Southern Gospel Music!!

Thank You!! Have not been back to NQC for a couple years when I was there with the Quartet I sang with. Miss all of the friends and fans! Will be nice to revisit the events even though over the web! Love it and thanks again for letting us “IN”….

ALRIGHT…..This is the GREATEST gift EVER!!
Never have been…Always wanted to go!!!
This is the closet I will ever get!! :)

Thanks so much for the Free Friday!!! Can’t wait to see some of my favorite artists perform!!!!

Been wanting to go to the convention. But haven’t made it yet. I’ve really enjoyed the updates on Facebook. Thanks a bunch

I, like many do not have the resources or time to go to this amazing event. It is on my bucket list of things to do. Thankful for the access on Friday!


John 14:6

Thank you so much for this. This is the first year we missed since 1997. We had our tickets but we had to spend over 2 1/2 months at Eglestons childrens hospital in Atlanta. Our grand baby was very sick with a very rare disease. We were so looking forward to it but he passed away on the 1st of Sept. he was a year and about 6 wks old. We were so very tired and we kept our rooms until Wednesday and Im just too tired to go. We cancelled on Wed. I am excited about this I so wanted to see Dr David Jeremiah and Johnny Hunt. Please have johnny Hunt back. He is such an awesome man of God. Thank you again and have a wonderful rest of the week. We should see you next year. God bless.

Thanks for this great offer.

Thanks for sharing the performances on Friday!

This is so awesome to make available for us! I was just looking at the pic of the GVB group and friends and thinking, “Wow, all those guys with those wonderful voices – wish I could experience them singing at this competition!” and WHA-LA! a friend sends me this link! TYG!

My wife was able to go with a friend. She has called and said how wonderful it is. “I’m in Gospel Quartet Heaven”, she said. Thank you for letting me see a little of it on Friday.

I’ve been to your concerts back here in Fredericton New Brunswick, Canada and hope you’ll be coming back again soon!! God Bless :)

Thank you so much…I’ve been wanting to be able to get on but just didn’t have the money right now.

Thank you so much! Really looking forward to seeing it. Would love to come to the annual convention, however, health problems prevent it.

We really enjoyed the new talent, especially the Emmaus Road quartet.

Love southern gospel and hope to attend next year for the first time! Northwesterners DO love this music!!

Thanks! We were not able to attend this year..Hopefully next year!

Wished I had tickets for today’s activities; now can’t wait to see tomorrow’s! Have tickets for Friday night concert, but not for the whole household, so they’ll be able to watch it. Thanks!!!

Wished I could be down in Louisville for this week. I grew up in New Albany and went to the singings in Louisville a lot. I know they have changed but the gospel is the same. Will be watching with much excitement tomorrow.

Plan on being there , LIVE, next year but will love watching it this year, Thanks

Thanks – really looking forward to seeing it

Thanks – looking forward to seeing and hearing it.

Jamie and Jacque Miller

September 12, 2013 at 5:23 pm

We were there this week from Monday thru Wednesday night and loved every minute of it. The groups and artist and other fans made us feel like we’re with family. It was our first time going and got blessed with tickets for the three nights from a friend at church. I recommend it for anyone that wants to go or a dream like it was for me and my wife. It’s well worth it.

This is first time to watch it.

Thanks, I still haven’t gotten my e-mail from ya’ll about free friday, Thanks Again, We couldn’t make it this year.

Thank you. this is fantastic

Have been a fan of Southern Gospel Music since 1954. Saw many concerts with Jmmes and The Blackwood Bros. Hovie and The Statesmen Quartet, J.D. and The Stam;s. Master;s 5 and more. . It will be a special treat if I am actually able to receive the “Access” feed tomorrow. Thanks!!!!!

I have been afraid to subscribe because I have an older computer and I was afraid I could not get it, Hopefully I can see this on Friday. Thanks!

Yeah, can’t wait to watch the concert. There is nothing like GOOD gospel music. Wish I could see it in person.

I was there at the NQC last year with my mother! Enjoyed it very much! My Mother and Dad are there right now and have gone for several years. Happy for the opportunity to see it on webcast!

Thanks for the chance to be a part of this. Would love to be there in person someday

I fill it in but it tells me I’m already a member and it won’t let me have Friday access. Please help!!! Thanks so much I do look forward to the broadcast!!! Susan Young

Enjoy Southern Gospel. Looking forward to tomorrow’s talent.

Thanks for a chance to be part of the show. We would love to be there in person someday maybe.

We listen exclusively to Southern Gospel, but on our meager retirement income, it is not possible for us to take in shows or travel to the conventions.

Thanks so much for providing one day of NQC. For personal reasons I could not attend this year. I know it has been wonderful. Thanks and God Bless.

Best wishes on the move.

Was their last year and was great.Hope to come next year to Pigeon Forge

Love your music thank you very much.

Trying to get access for the Free Friday,,,,still waiting on an email!!!!!

I have attended the NQC since it came to Nashville. Enjoyed it every year in Louisville. I’ll see you in Pigeon Forge in 2014. As J D would say, I can’t wait!

So thankfull to be @ NQC 2013 in KY. Been busy blessed & very sad wk. Loss several love ones from family memeber, to co-worker, to learning sister has serious blood clot. Mrs. Perry ) really blessed us as we pray for Tracey/ Regina Griffin evenc comforted us as we also lost our family pet this wk. We have been reminded the LORD IIS ENOUGH…even during hard & hurting times. He would still be God even if He never did any more for anyone.. Resting this AM to crank up again this evening & enjoying webcast as we pray-and prepare for this evening. LOVE IN CHRIST.

where do I go on the website to watch the Free Friday Access?

I have been to most of the conventions, and loved every one. So sorry I couldn’t attend this year.
Looking forward to tonite.

Thanks so much for giving us who could not attend the opportunity to see this on your web site.

having hard time getting form submitted

Have always enjoyed the concerts when they come to Edmonton, wish I could be there.

Can’t wait till it starts…2014 Pigeon Forge , here I come!!!!!!! Thanks for free Friday !!

How do I get an access code? When I sign up it says I am already on the mailing list.

Signed up for the Free Friday access yesterday, & got the test finished ok, but can’t get the afternoon program .

What else do I need to do?


I am not able to view Free Friday

Hoping I can get connected to see the music.

I am trying to get the free Friday. pro.

I want to get the Free Friday access to NQC

I have filled out for free Friday not a thing .what do I need to do for free Friday?

I’d like to take advantage of the free NQC tonight here in our home. I attended the gathering there in Kentucky two years ago. Thank you very much!

Mary Jane Myer

I have been to this before, however I know this year will be even better. Thanks for sharing

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