October 19, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions | NQC 2014

NQC 2014 Frequently Asked Questions | Pigeon Forge, TN


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Since the news of National Quartet Convention’s move to Pigeon Forge was released, there have been many questions asked about the future of Southern Gospel’s largest annual event. As board members and NQC staff fielded questions from concerned fans, the team came together to create a list to ease the minds of attendees. As you will soon find out, there are many reasons to be excited about NQC 2014 in Pigeon Forge, TN!


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Will permanent ticket holders be offered comparable seating in Pigeon Forge?

Absolutely.  When you purchase your seats for the 2013 NQC, you will have seats reserved in a comparable location in the Leconte Center for 2014.  You can purchase and try to upgrade those seats at the 2013 NQC or wait for the invoice and pay by the end of February of 2014.


Will the showcases continue (Featured and Regional Artist Showcases)? / Will daytime events be reconfigured in alignment with the change of venue for NQC?

We will offer daytime packages of entertainment and will use the Leconte Center for some of those major showcases, much as we currrently use Freedom Hall for our major showcases now, and will allso use other venues such as the Grand Convention Center across the street from the Leconte Center.


Is there enough parking for an event this size?

There is a large parking lot that services the Leconte Center and there is also parking in an outlet mall across the street. The parking lot trams will service both areas so parking will not be a problem. Also, for those who have lodging somewhere on the strip, you can use the city trolleys and they will take you right to the front entrance of the Lectone Center, meaning that you can stay parked at your hotel. Parking is absolutely free at the Leconte Center and if you choose to ride the trolleys from your hotel, the ride is only .50 cents.


Will exhibit space be overhauled? / Where will booths be located?

There will be booth space in the Leconte Center. The booth space will be located in the major concourses as well as the major breakout roooms in the facility.


Will the Exhibit Hall be in the same building as the evening concerts?

Yes. The exhibits will be located in the Leconte Center. There may also be some displays in the Grand Convention Center as well.


Will lodging be as expensive in Louisville?

Lodging will be very affordable as the convention dates will be at a time when there is not much activity in Pigeon Forge. In addition to traditional hotels, there are also an abundance of cabin and condo rentals available at very affordable rates.


Is there lodging within walking distance of LeConte Center?

The Grand Hotel, which is undergoing major renovation, is right across the street from the Leconte Center. There are also plans for additional hotels across from the Leconte Center.


When can I make hotel reservations and buy tickets for NQC 2014?

Your first opportunity to make hotel reservations and purchase seats for NQC 2014 will be at the 2013 NQC. Attendees to the 2013 NQC can make their arrangements on site for NQC 2014. Those not attending the 2013 NQC will be able to make their reservations and purchase their seats the week following NQC 2013.


Will seating be more “senior friendly?”

All 12,000 seats will be flat on the floor. You will not have to climb any steps to reach any part of the facility.


Will there be RV hookups on site?

Though there are no RV hookups on site at the Leconte Center, there are over 2,000 full service RV sites located on the strip in Pigeon Forge. Those staying in the RV parks will have easy access to the Leconte Center by either driving or making use of the city trolleys.


Will there be shuttle service offered from Knoxville airport to the Pigeon Forge hotels?

There will be a shuttle service from the Knoxville airport to Pigeon Forge during the NQC.


Will we have major traffic problems in Pigeon Forge?

Once the NQC moves to Pigeon Forge, the event will begin on the fourth Monday of September, which is a very low traffic time for the Pigeon Forge area. There will not be anything going on other than the NQC, so traffic congestion will not be a problem.