June 28, 2012

NQC 2012 … A Look Inside with 11th Hour


11th Hour

11th Hour (L-R): Justin Morphis, Candice Jordan, and Amber Eppinette

It’s not uncommon to find talented musicians or humble young men and women. It is however, a rare occurrence to find young artists abundantly blessed with God-given talents and surrounded with humility. Despite how rare of a find they might be, that’s exactly what you get with 11th Hour. Although this trio has only been together for a few years, their rich harmonies and shared passion for music give the impression of a lifetime together.


What was once a solo career has now turned into a dream for vocalist and pianist, Amber Eppinette. Accompanied by childhood friend Candice Jordan, and male vocalist Justin Morphis, the trio was formed to fulfill a shared passion to sing and glorify the name of Jesus Christ.


Their most recent release, Gather ‘Round, gives the listener an attitude of worship with songs like Example and Adam’s Fall. While tunes such as Days Like Today, Put It In Writing, and title track, Gather ‘Round get congregations ready to dance and sing along.

11th Hour As they continue their ministry, it’s easy to see there are big things ahead for 11th Hour. With a calendar running short on open dates and a deal with Crossroads Music so new the ink has yet to dry, it seems things are headed in the right direction for these young artists. Exciting events on the horizon include a host of churches in the Southeast and a September date in Louisville, KY for the Featured Artist Showcase at National Quartet Convention.

Just before their deal with Crossroads was signed, these young men and women found time to talk with NQC and opened up about where they’ve been and the journey ahead.



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