August 9, 2012

NQC 2012 … A Look Inside with The Bowling Family


The Bowling Family

The Bowling Family (L-R): Terah Penhollow, Mike Bowling, and Kelly Bowling.

For a lucky few, Southern Gospel music is a family business. As members of The Bowling Family will tell you, they are among the fortunate ones. Growing up surrounded by the music made them fans, but now they know how blessed they are to sing professionally.


Mike Bowling and Kelly Crabb were first introduced at a concert – not as members of the audience, but as on-stage talent. At the time, Mike was with The Perrys while Kelly sang with her brothers and sister as The Crabb Family. Both experienced tremendous success with their respective groups and now continue to impress the Southern Gospel industry together.


As The Crabb Family made the difficult decision to pursue other interests, Kelly joined husband and father to her three children to form Mike & Kelly Bowling. While their sound was great, something was clearly missing. A reunion with sister and accomplished alto, Terah Crabb Penhollow, soon followed with some effective “persuading” from Kelly.


Now known across the country as The Bowling Family, these three are continuing the tradition of wonderful Southern Gospel as the family business. Many know their ministry comes with a remarkable story of healing, faith, and provision. In July 2010, the group was involved in a bus accident leaving Mike and Kelly physically and emotionally harmed. While some wondered if they would ever return to music full-time, their answer was an emphatic, “YES!” The Bowling Family


Only months removed from the accident, their journey toward recovery brought them to Louisville, KY for National Quartet Convention. While no strangers to NQC, the annual visit had never felt like this. In just a few days, The Bowling Family experienced the heart of a community firmly grounded in prayer, love, and support.


As wounds heal and life returns to normalcy, the family continues to return to NQC, joyfully recalling the feeling of love from friends and fans alike. As they tour, the trio made time for National Quartet Convention to discuss being a family band, how it all got started, and the joy found in community.



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