Vacation Packages that include Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights will be relocated to the Music Road Hotel/Inn as the Ramsey Hotel is full on those evenings. This is a comparable property to the Ramsey Hotel and actually served as the exclusive vacation package property for several years.

NQC Live - The Louisville Years

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  1. Greater Vision - My Name is Lazarus
  2. Kingdom Heirs - God's Word
  3. Glenn Dustin and Camera Operator
  4. The Hoppers - Jerusalem
  5. Speer Family Retirement
  6. Band of the Year Gets Good News
  7. Bass Singers Quartet
  8. Glenn Payne Phone Call
  9. Perrys - I Wish I could Have Been There
  10. Has Anybody Seen Darrell Stewart
  11. Triumphant Quartet - The Old White Flag
  12. Dino remembers Roger Bennett
  13. Florida Boys Farewell
  14. Booth Brothers - He Saw It All
  15. Song of a Lifetime featuring The Greenes
  16. Fan Awards Turn 40
  17. The Talleys - He's Alive
  18. Dennis Swanberg - Comedy
  19. Dixie Melody Boys 50th Year Celebration
  20. This Is NQC
  21. George Younce - Supper Time
  22. Ties for Sale
  23. Passing the Torch
  24. Mark Bishop - My Name Is Jesus
  25. Kim Hopper, Taranda Greene, Kim Collingsworth - There Is a Fountain
  26. Legacy Five - I Found Grace
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