NQC Live Volume 11 - CD/DVD Combo Tracks Include:

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Kingdom Heirs - No Bones About It
Ivan Parker - Twenty-Four Hours A Day
Collingsworth Family - The Resurrection Morn
Kingsmen - He's Everything I Need - That's All I Need
Crist Family - I Love Lovin' Jesus
Jeff & Sheri Easter - Hear My Heart
Tribute Quartet - Homecoming Day
Dove Brothers - I Recall
Talleys - The Broken Ones
Hoppers - All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name
Mark Bishop - My Name Is Jesus
Greater Vision - You Were Faithful Yesterday
Legacy Five - Thankful for the Change
Triumphant Quartet - Almost Home

Bonus Features:

The Dixie Melody Boys Celebrate 50 Years
Antioch Church House Choir

Greater Vision - Looking for a Tenor (aka Looking for a City)

The Perry's Birthday Surprise!
I Wish I Could Have Been There

Laughin' With The Swan
Dennis Swansberg

This is NQC!

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